Deciding on the paint finish

You can choose how you would like to have your portrait painted, whether in acrylic paints which a glossy finish like oils, or in mixed media which is a combination of acrylic, pastel, pen and ink.

Acrylic paints

Fern - an example of acrylic painting

Fern – an example of acrylic painting

Acrylic paints are water-soluble, permanent when dry, and will not yellow with age. They offer a stunning range of brilliant and deep colours. Acrylics dry quickly which means several layers of thick paint can be applied and glazed in a single day. They are versatile. You can use a brush, knife or squeegee when working in acrylic and even dilute them for spraying.

Acrylic paint can be used to add texture. The paint is so thick you can see the impressions of the palette knife and brushstrokes.

Mixed media

Charlie - lip smacking good!

Charlie on the move! See how this pastel and pen sketch captures this sense of energy and vitality

Paint FInishes - Pastel

The orange of the background provides a mid-tone, white pastel the highlights, while black pen and grey pastel gives the dark shadows and base tones.

Pen and pastel are great for sketching animals as the quality of the line and the shading is very effective in capturing movement and expression.

Using mixed media also helps to combine the different qualities of form and surface texture. These pictures are best framed as they can smudge otherwise.

Likeness guarantee

Customers are able to preview the portrait for their approval prior to final payment and delivery.
All commissions will be discussed in detail and quotes supplied before orders proceed.