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Welcome to Dogtastic Portraits

Contemporary Dog Portraits – original paintings of your dog (or dogs) packed full of colour and expression. These dog paintings ooze character, every one is unique. Your best friend carefully captured on canvas.

We love dogs! Whether you have a doleful Dalmation, a fizzy Bichon Frise, a well-behaved Weimaraner or a wrinkly Bloodhound we know how each one is special. Buy an original painting of your dog and it will be with your forever. Be sure to leave us your email so we can keep in touch.

Pawfect pictures capture the vitality, energy and expression in these wonderful animals. Each dog has its own distinctive personality expressed through the pose, mannerisms and colour palette. Dog portraits are painted from photos which you supply.

As the pictures are commissions, produced to order, you can specify your own requirements so that each painting is unique and created specially for you in a contemporary style using bold colours produced in acrylic, pastels and mixed media.